How To Beat Any Escape Room

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Top 10 tips to beat Any Liverpool escape room (and beyond!)

We are about to break down all the tips & tricks you need to beat the clock and win any Liverpool Escape Room, in fact, any escape room anywhere in the world! (Even our escape games).

Now, we don't have the answers to all the puzzles in the world, as every puzzle has its own solution. However, we do have some super handy top tips to set you up for a win, no matter what puzzles you face in an escape game.

Escape rooms can be hard work, and not every team escapes. That's not because your team are stupid, its simply because the game was hard and you didn't prepare yourself and your team in advance of playing your game using these top tips! Its all about Strategy, and we're about to spill the beans on all the things you can do to make sure you have the best chance at escaping.

#1: Choose Your Team Wisely

Its not exactly about what you know, as lets face it, which one of our mates knows how to banish a demon back to hell? The answer is, probably none.

It is however, about who you know, which will aid your escape, by this we mean:

  • Who are they?- Friend/family/partner/colleague

Depending on the relationship you have with them, the way you work together will differ dramatically. For example, lets say you play a game with your colleague, chances are, you will feel like you can't be honest with them when they're being pushy with a bad idea they have.

That's not to say playing an escape room with a colleague is a bad idea, but it does require a little extra prep on your end ahead of time, thinking of ways of you might politely tell them that the idea they have is slowing your team down, rather than getting frustrated mid game and screaming "Shut up and Let it go Sandra!"... I mean, that's a sure fast way of causing tension in the office the next day.